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A Guide to The Various Types of Sleep Disorders


Not having enough and good sleep could ruin your entire day. This is one the major problems that a lot of people are complaining about nowadays. They have all the money in the world but not enough to buy some sound sleep. That’s right; it is sad but true! Sleeping disorders have become the order of the day, no wonder that the appointments of doctors are all filled up with such patients.

The most widely known and common type of disorder of sleep is Insomnia. Depression and hysteria seem to be the culprits of this disorder mostly seen in youngsters. The long sound and relaxed sleep of a person is disturbed in this condition and naturally, the standard of sleep is rather low. There are two types of insomnia – short term and lingering.

The short term Insomnia, as expert psychiatrist Jonathan Lauter (who also treats sleep disorders) suggests, could be the outcome of exhaustion from over work or some kind of emotional unrest within the peer group or even socially. Sometimes even long term sickness could become the reason for this condition. This condition is quickly overcome once the nerve- wrangling situation is over, as opposed to the lingering one which lingers on for at least three months.

Another disorder of sleep is known as the Sleep Apnea. This type of disorder is characterized by the dimming down or stoppage of respiration of the person sleeping. This is the basic reason behind the disturbed sleep of the person. The breathing is interrupted intermittently varying from duration of 10 to 20 seconds extending up to an hour. Obviously, the person is bound to wake up and gather oxygen again to be able to breathe.

Researches and studies have revealed that there are certain physical reasons that are responsible for the sleep apnea. Topping the list is obesity, following this are, enormous tonsils, blockage of nose, sinus congestion, etc. This situation is brought under control by the use of CPAP, a mechanical device employed to keep the flow of oxygen constant throughout the night.

There are many difficult conditions of sleep which can be best treated by suggestions of experts like Jonathan Lauter. Though he is a psychiatrist but his reputation also lies in ably treating the various types of sleep discomforts. He is primarily known for carrying out procedures of psychotherapy for families and groups, and has been regarded as an ace Child Psychiatrist.

Snoring is by far, the most rampant disturbance during the sleeping hours. This has even become a cause for extreme disputes between spouses, in many households; because this disorder does not merely disturb the sleep of the person concerned but also those sleeping beside them. The main cause of this is the narrowing down of the nostrils and the ensuing reduction in the supply of oxygen.

Thus, these above are the most commonly encountered problems related to sleep, a relief from which can be got only after consultation with the experts in its treatment.

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