6 Incredible Benefits of Microneedling


Have you ever wondered how you would rejuvenate your skin? Microneedling is one of the best modern skin rejuvenation procedures. Microneedling entails a procedure that uses tiny needles to puncture the top layer of the skin. The minor wounds this creates prompts your body to respond by engaging several healing factors which thereby boosts and maintains skin health. This procedure, however, requires a specialist for administration. If you are considering going for facial microneedling, visit Modern Aesthetica to receive advice and guidance for the process. The team can assist you with any and all of your cosmetic needs.

Assists in Reduction of Lines and Wrinkles

Many people use different techniques to reduce signs of aging. No one wants to appear as being older than they actually are. However, your face is likely to show signs of premature aging through lines and wrinkles. A microneedling procedure can rectify these signs of premature aging. Once you receive microneedling treatment, the micro-injuries created from the session will aid in elastin and collagen production. The production of these will assist in reducing wrinkles and lines.

Aids in Anti-Aging

Aging does not only show through wrinkles and discoloration. Skin elasticity also decreases as you get older. Your skin becomes loose and lax. You may start to realize your youthful glow is gone. However, through microneedling, you are able to change this situation.

If you go for the procedure, collagen production buildup resulting from the micro-wounds will improve skin sagging, and increase laxity to bring back your radiant skin.

Microneedling has Few Side Effects

Compared to other skincare procedures such as laser or intensive peels, microneedling takes a shorter amount of time to heal, between 24-72hrs. You are likely to need 14-21 days if you plan to receive other forms of skincare procedures as you’ll need to go through more extensive healing before you can start to see an improved complexion. With microneedling, you only need 24-72 hours for healing to complete and noticeable improvements begin to take place on a regular basis.

Rosacea Reduction

Rosacea is a condition associated with redness and visible blood vessels in your face. You can now address this condition through microneedling. A likely reason you are suffering from this condition may be due to the hastened breakdown of collagen. Microneedling, in turn, assists in the stimulation of collagen growth and aids in offsetting the breakdown of collagen.

Prevents and Protects Against Sun Damage

You may go out to the beach or spend time outside on a very sunny day and experience hyperpigmentation. Microneedling can aid in correcting this problem. Assuming you stayed in the sun for a long period of time which caused a blotchy, brownish complexion to develop, it is advisable to go for microneedling since it will reinvigorate your skin tone through increased collagen production.

Scar Treatment

If you have a scar, you are likely to benefit from the microneedling skin rejuvenation technique. This is because the procedure stimulates the production of elastin and collagen which are effective in skin rejuvenation.

Contact a Microneedling Specialist Today

Your skin covers every inch of your body and needs to be taken care of all the time. Unfortunately, you might find you are caught up with all the hassles of life and consequently haven’t taken care of yourself as well as you should. Do not worry as you can find a certified specialist who will address your particular needs, and your skin will look radiant again. Microneedling can assist you in obtaining smooth, supple, and glowing skin. If you want to have a microneedling procedure administered today, visit Daniel Moghadam, MD, in Santa Monica. Call the clinic today and schedule an appointment with him.

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