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6 Crucial Things That You Should Buy In Stock In Pandemic Days

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With the surge of the Coronavirus pandemic, people from coast to coast are facing the real-time prospect of spending an unknown number of days at home. On one hand, home quarantine has come with a real challenge for social people, the empty shopping malls both offline and online has piled up our problems. That brought up a salient question: What are the crucial things that you should buy in stock on pandemic days.

We have already seen how all kitchen and household essentials have been flying off online and offline store shelves. Before discussing the things that need to consider buying before the announcement of further lockdowns, we would like to add:

  • Exercise a lot
  • Always keep sanitizer spray and cotton face mask nearby
  • Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water
  • Stay social by making video calls
  • Avoid any close contact from people outside your home

So, now let’s start making the list of things that you should look around and keep a good stock at your home to avoid daily outside venture.

Fresh Foods

If you have a fridge, there is no harm in getting it filled with all fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, juices, and sauces. Also, try to pick fruits and vegetables that have a good shelf life. For instance, apples, avocado, pineapple, potatoes, onions, etc. all can survive a week without any issue.

Sanitizer Spray Online

One of the foremost things to order right now is a handsome collection of sanitizer spray online, which has at least 70% alcohol content. This time, when you are dealing every touch with vigorous disinfectant sprays, it is necessary to keep a portable sanitizer spray online bottle in the pocket.

Frozen Foods

Some vegetables are best to buy in a frozen state as they have a better shelf life such as peas, sweet corns, nuggets, pre-boiled kidney beans, canned mushrooms, ice creams, meat (if you are a non-vegetarian), etc. Don’t hesitate to order some quick microwave-ready canned dishes.

Essential Kitchen Spices

In the Indian kitchen, the most favourite section of any chef is where spices are placed. This is where all magical concoctions take place to create every favourite dish that you have in your heart. So, keep all the whole spices and powder spices intact and full on the counter.

Medicine Supplies

Make sure you have all over-the-counter medications at your disposal. Medicines that you use regularly should have stock to survive at least two weeks. Also, keep seasonal fever or nausea or flu medicines such as Paracetamol, cetirizine, etc. nearby.

Cotton Face Mask

Whether you are going to the garden behind your apartment or visiting your neighbour or gazing at the world from your balcony, a face mask has become a mandatory addition in everyone’s life. The cotton face masks seem to be very comfortable, breathable, and soft on the skin, unlike the N95 face masks. Although, N95 face masks provide optimum protection these days. When you are not in such a busy place, you can comfortably switch to a cotton face mask.


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