5 Reasons Why You Will Love the PDO Lift

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Aging is imminent for every living thing and humans are no exception. However, there are several procedures you can use in revamping your look as you age gracefully. The PDO thread lift is one such treatment.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

The treatment, known as polydioxanone, enhances your facial skin without undergoing surgery. Additionally, your specialist will direct the treatment to the specific area on your face. The procedure has numerous benefits without facing the knife.

Your specialist can integrate different forms of PDO threads like mono threads and even bi-directional threads, depending on your needs.

The procedure is one of the best remedies for you, especially if you have drooping cheeks, loose facial skin, or sagging neck skin. Additionally, the procedure will help you get rid of crow’s feet, sunken skin beneath your eyes, and even wrinkles near your mouth.

Painless Treatment

Probably one of the most amazing attributes of the procedure is its fast and painless appeal. Your specialist will numb your face before application. You may only experience slight discomfort. Another positive aspect is your specialist’s ability to target a specific area on your face, thus attaining better results.

No Downtime

Think about the convenience of undergoing the procedure and going back to your office when done. You don’t have to worry about extensive hospital stays and recovery at home after discharge from the hospital. Plus, think of the benefits of having immediate visible results.

Skin Issues Correction

If you have nasolabial folds, facial lines, loose skin, and even jowls, the PDO procedure is a good fit for you. Additionally, you will also develop a slimmer and more enhanced look. Think of a better look at having wrinkle-free facial skin without sagging.

Healthy Skin

Thanks to the procedure, your skin stimulates the secretion of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The protein collagen secretion enhances skin tightening. As a result, your face will radiate a more subtle and youthful glow. Additionally, the procedure stimulates higher facial cell reproduction. Consequently, aging cells will die to pave the way for new cells, promoting your anti-aging skin.

Semi-Permanent Results

The PDO procedure has its main component as absorbable thread material. As a result, your skin absorbs the threads within six months. Consequently, your skin will maintain its youthful appearance for up to two years. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about using heavy makeup to conceal your skin problems in the coming months. Moreover, you can also repeat the treatment after a twenty-four-month lapse to continue with the youthful skin appeal.

The PDO threads are also safe for use on your skin. Therefore, you will experience no side effects with the threads reabsorption in your body. Plus, you will experience no allergic triggers when the reabsorption occurs.

PDO treatment procedure is one of the best options for getting rid of aging problems on your facial skin. Consult with your specialist before the process, who will then formulate the treatment in addressing the specific target areas on your face.

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