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4 Reasons to Book a General Teledentistry Appointment

Teledentistry Appointment

Telehealth dentistry has been long in existence. Only it has become more popular now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. At first, patients doubted the efficiency of virtual patient-doctor interactions. However, with time, they have learned to appreciate its existence. The primary goal of telehealth visits with your Roslyn, NY general dentist is to ensure everyone stays healthy and safe. If you plan to see a dentist at ToothDocs, the following things can help you get started.

How telehealth dentistry works

Generally, telehealth visits for various fields of medicine are the same, but dentistry is a bit different. While a general wellness oral care visit can work remotely, not all health conditions can get diagnosed, treated, and assessed in this manner. Therefore, before booking your telemedicine appointment, knowing how it works can help you get the care you need.

The benefits of teledentistry include:

1. More access to dentistry procedures

Suppose you have a dental concern that needs consultation. The first thing you do is call your dentist for an appointment. Unfortunately, it means you will need to organize transportation to the clinic, which can be a costly decision to make. In that case, you will need a teledentistry appointment to get the answers to your questions. That means you will not have to drive to your dentist to get the care you need.

2. Improved patient experience

As a patient, you are the biggest beneficiary of telehealth because your dentist gets to know you in person, unlike in a clinic setting. Once you set up an appointment, your dentist will be available to provide all the care you need. In addition, it is easy for a dentist to customize oral care for patients no matter what time of day.

3. Reduced infection rates

As the pandemic keeps wreaking havoc in peoples’ lives, it is evident that most healthcare providers will have to resort to seeing their patients remotely. So far, hospitals and clinics are two places that accommodate patients with various diseases. But, unfortunately, physical doctor-patient interactions provide a conducive environment for new infections. That is where teledentistry comes in handy.

4. Reduced cost of dental care

Operating a clinic attracts a lot of overhead expenses. In addition, dentists may not have enough time to see all patients due to limited time. On the other hand, teledentistry helps dentists to avoid unnecessary expenses. All they need is reliable internet, a mobile device, and time to attend to the patients. That means patients will not have to bear the financial burden of healthcare providers in the form of fees.

Set up your teledentistry appointment today

When setting up a teledentistry appointment, it is essential to find out if your preferred dentist allows for it. Some clinics have already upgraded to teledentistry, while others are still in the process. Once you find a dentist with the qualifications to handle your oral care issue, ensure you honor your appointment. Remember, not all dental care procedures can work remotely. Find out from your dentist if your problem can be resolved remotely. To find out how teledentistry works, schedule a consultation with your dentist today.

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