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100% Gold Whey protein; the best supplement for women

100% Gold Whey protein; the best supplement for women 1

Protein powders for enhancing and developing muscles aren’t just limited to males but are for females also. Many nutritionist and health experts have agreed on the view that protein powders are way essential for building and developing muscles both for males and females.

So after or during a workout, blending the gold protein powder with any liquid can produce fruitful results. It saves the muscles from breaking and further boosts the building process. However, building of muscles is also very important because the when the muscles develop, they also cut down immense protein and fat. It also boosts up the metabolism process.

The academy of nutrition dietetics and the American college of sports medicine have proved that women participating in sports typically need much protein than men. As per their research, 100% gold whey protein render 24 gram of protein which is the quality in one serving. 24 grams of protein is typically the most a protein supplement can offer and 100% gold is the highest in quality and ingredients. On the website fitness to go, it has been ranked as number one protein supplement for women.

Reasons why women should go for 100% gold protein:

  1. Genuine product- It isn`t unknown fact that majority of protein supplements coming in the market are absolutely fake and all they produce no results whatsoever. Such is not the case with 100% gold protein which brings guaranteed results. This has been confirmed by renowned health experts.
  2. Best for digestion- The gold why protein is best for digestion especially for female athletes and fitness aficionados. It is easy to digest and doesn’t cause any stomach upsets. Reason backing up this claim is that most of the fitness experts use this supplement as a post workout supplement but some also use it as a pre workout supplement. So if the supplement would have upsetting the stomach, then they wouldn’t have been using as pre workout supplement.
  3. Low calorie- For women aspiring for a weight loss, this supplement works brilliantly. With just 110 calories in one serving, gold protein gives bunch of protein with the minimalistic count. It is a perfect protein for women who want to look slim, chiseled, trimmed and in shape.
  4. Celebrity choice- Many famous celebrities also look down upon this supplement as a perfect blend of protein and other essential nutrients. Jen Turnball is one professional cross fit athlete who uses this protein powder after workout. Another big name is Jaquelyn Kastetic who is also a very renowned fitness athlete using 100% gold protein.
  5. Amino acid addition- Another good quality in this product is that apart from including 24 grams of protein per serving, it also has tincture of 5.5 grams of Branch chained amino acids(BCAA`s). This amino acid is also very important maintaining muscle development and building a lean muscle.
  6. Minimalistic sugar- Since sugar isn`t good for fat loss aspirants, manufacturers didn’t add too much of sweeteners and sugars to produce a taste. Though it does taste that good, but still it tastes satisfactory.

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